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Restaurants in Egypt

You might be pleased to know that food in Egypt is inexpensive compared to western countries. This is one thing that we are happy to have. another thing is that there are a variety of cuisines to choose from. We can divide restaurants in Egypt into three categories:

  • First category is international cuisine, you can eat all sorts of western and eastern dishes in Chinese, Italian, American restaurants in Egypt. The prices are low and the quality is good.
  • Second restaurant category is local Egyptian cuisine which is quite inexpensive and very good indeed. There are various types of Egyptian food for vegetarian and meat lovers alike. Restaurants in Egypt serve all types of seafood, meat, chicken and vegetables.
  • Third category is fast food which is served in famous American restaurants like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King among many others. This food category is mostly loved by kids and you usually find it in major Egyptian cities.

We have collected contact details of many restaurants in different Egyptian cities to help you on your plan to visit Egypt.

Restaurants in Alexandria

International cuisine restaurants:

  • Chilies
    Address: Montaza Sheraton Towers, Alexandria, Egypt
    Phone: 002 03-555-7050
  • Buffalo Steak House
    Address: Syria street, Alexandria, Egypt
  • La Casetta
    Address: Stanley, korniche, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Taj Mahal (Indian)
    Address: Downtown, in front of Carrefour, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Chinese resturant (Cecil hotel)
    Saad Zaghloul square, Raml station, Alexandria, Egypt.

Local Egyptian food restaurants

  • Kadoura (Seafood restaurant)
    Address: 33 Beiram El Tonsy st, Bahary, Alexandria, Egypt
    Phone: 002 03 4800405
  • Abu Shakra (Barbeque)
    Address: Louran, Korniche, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Abd El Wahab (grill)
    Address: Gameela Abu Hreid st, El Seyouf, Alexandria, Egypt
    Phone: 002 03 5032856
  • Houda Gondol (Fish, Seafood)
    Address: Mohamed Motawe'a street, Azarita, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Hosny (grill, fish and seafood)
    Address (1): Gamal Abd el Nasser street, Mandarah, Alexandria, Egypt.
    Address (2): Bahary, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Abu Rawya (grill, fish and seafood)
    Address (1): Bahary, Alexandria, Egypt
    Address (2): el Hannoville, Agamy, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Mohamed Ahmed beans (Falafel, beans and traditional Egyptian food)
    Address: Shakour street, Raml station, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Gad (local food)
    Address (1): Miamy, Kourniche, Alexandria, Egypt
    Address (2): raml station, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Abu Rabee'a (Grill, Falafel, beans and traditional Egyptian food)
    Address: Oraby square, Manshia, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Tikka Grill (Grill, seafood)
    Address (1): Yacht club, Bahary, Alexandria, Egypt
    Address (2): Louran, kourniche, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Rrakoda (Fish and seafood)
    Address: Chatby, kourniche, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Balba'a (Grill, seafood)
    Address (1): Sidi Bishr, Alexandria, Egypt.
    Address (2): Downtown, in front of Carrefour, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Abu Fares (Syrian food, grill, seafood)
    Address: Gamal Abd e Nasser street, Miamy, Alexandria, Egypt
  • El Shamy (Syrian food, grill, seafood)
    Address: Green plaza, Smouha, Alexandria, Egypt.
    Tel: 034257408

Fast food restaurants

  • KFC
  • McDonalds
  • Cook door
  • Hardee's
  • Fuddruckers
  • Mo'men
  • Al Tazaj
  • Fast Break

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