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Egyptian statues

Important Note on shipping statues:

New regulations imposed by the Egyptian authorities restrict shipping statues by courier service from Egypt. So Egypt Gift Shop will alternatively sell statues through this page from Amazon online shop. Shipping will be handled by Amazon from USA to most of the countries.

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.

Egypt Gift Shop team

Ancient Egyptians have always been famous for great statues, from a small statue of an Egyptian scarab or bastet cat to the giant statue of Ramses in Abu semble temple Egyptian sculptors succeeded in  keeping their artifacts for thousands of years, We have duplicates of ancient Egyptian statues of Tutankhamun, Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Ramses and pyramids  made from basalt, granite, hammer stone and copper.

Egyptian statues displayed here are duplicates of the original statues made by ancient Egyptians 7000 years ago.

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Set of 4 Ancient Egyptian Canopic jars.
Price $21
Egyptian Gods statues. Bastet cat, Anubis, Ankhet
Price $22.95
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Ramses II statue cold cast figurine with bronze finish and hand painted details. Height 9" (22.5cm)
Price $34.99
Horus Falcon statue. Height 8" (20cm)
Price $29.98
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Egyptian statue of Anubis. God of the Dead.
Price $19.95
Egyptian Funeral bed of King Tutankhamun.
Price $55
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Tutankhamun coffin with mummy Tut Ankh Amun coffin with mummy inside

Coffin of Tutankhamun with a mummy inside. a favorite statue for many people
length 18cm

Price $18

Item Not Available




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